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For Prospective Graduate Students in Clinical Psychology

DCS discussionThe Child and Adolescent Development Lab at the University of Tennessee Knoxville accepts graduate students into the doctoral clinical psychology program who have a solid research and academic background and a demonstrated strength in clinical work. The lab’s research focuses on child development and psychopathology. An interest in areas such as attachment, self development, self regulation, role reversal, intergenerational transmission, and pathways to disorder versus resilience would fit very well with our current research projects. Graduate students go on to pursue a broad range of careers in research, teaching and clinical work.

Graduate students in the lab integrate their theoretical perspectives on therapy with their research so that research and clinical work inform each other. They learn about the entire research process: how to select measures; recruit participants; collect data from preschoolers, adolescents and their mothers; work with clinical and normative populations; code constructs of interest (from audio or videotape); analyze data; lead teams of undergraduate research assistants; present at national conferences and publish papers.

The clinical program offers a broad range of theoretical orientations, including psychodynamic, as part of clinical training and supervision, and places equal emphasis on research and clinical work. The faculty review applications to select a group of potential students thought to be most likely to succeed and benefit from the program. From this pool of potential students the faculty then individually consider which applicants would best match the faculty member’s current research projects. These applicants are then invited for an interview.

If you decide to apply to the clinical program, please include a curriculum vitae with your application. In addition, in your application please fully develop your specific research interests and how these align with the faculty member(s) with whom you are applying to work. Please also carefully decide the order in which you list faculty members: this match is very important on both sides. Applicants who have spent some time post baccalaureate gaining experience supporting their application, e.g., in research and/or clinical work, are especially encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in the Child and Adolescent Development Lab and would like to know more about our research, please contact Jenny Macfie, Ph.D. at 

You may also contact current members of the lab.

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